SEP 21 – 15 OCT 2020
An online solo exhibition of Siddharth Shingade

Siddharth Shingade is a Maharashtra based artist whose early work primarily reflected his deep emotional connect with the soil and people of his homeland, Marathwada, one of India’s worst drought-affected regions. Coming from this context, his paintings often featured a sombre and mellow mood, showcasing village scenes and everyday life. Using earthy colours – from deep reds and earthy browns to pistachio greens – Shingade showed mastery over technique and meaning. If on the one hand he used mixed media and acrylic layers to impart texture to his artworks for instance, on the other he gave his works meaningful titles that allowed viewers to relate to and appreciate his message.

Since his early period, Shingade has experimented heavily with his work, influencing not only his visual style but also his artistic sensibility. Over the last decade, there have been several shifts in his artistic expression – the addition of divinity and nature as central themes in his works, a new attention to meticulous detail, the use of bright colours, and most significantly, the opening up of his forms. Previously closed eyes are now rendered open, faces and characters – that had never even had lips before – seem as if on the verge of speech. His canvases now come alive in new dimensions and contexts, as he transforms from an artist-as-recorder to an artist-as-storyteller.


THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED presented an exhibition of paintings and sculptures that represent a journey of introspection, or connectedness with the natural world. Featuring 16 contemporary artists, the exhibition showcased talent from across the country.


Bringing together 24 emerging and established artists,’s exhibition dedicated to Autumn interpreted the various facets of this most dramatic and vivacious of seasons, while also introducing new artists to the gallery’s repertoire.


To celebrate its relaunch, presented a group exhibition showcasing paintings and sculptures by over 30 contemporary artists from across India.

PAINT WITH A MASTER launched its ‘paint with a master’ workshop series with collage artist G Subramanian and invited friends to co-create a work with the artist.


Friends of the gallery dressed up as Frida and Diego for a private screening of the film ‘Frida’ followed by an intimate evening of conversations.

JMS MANI RETROSPECTIVE held a retrospective exhibition by renowned artist JMS Mani featuring his early works, as well as new and previously unseen etchings.


Rajkumar Sthabathy led an intimate group of artists, some of whom hadn’t touched their paints in over a decade, to learn some of the techniques and inspirations behind art with watercolours.


The gallery hosted the first solo exhibition by illustrator Bakula Nayak, titled ‘Make Art, Make Love, Make Tea’ featuring her works on vintage paper.


A limited edition furniture collection was launched by kynkyny home in collaboration with artists CF John, Praveen Kumar, Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar and Nishant Dange.


To celebrate earth day, presented ‘Earth Song’ – a group exhibition of specially commissioned artworks to raise awareness about global warming.