KYNKYNY’s latest exhibition featuring nine leading artists from Goa, offers a spectacular array of artworks– full of intrigue, imagination and delightful twists and turns – from the coastal state and beyond

Entera dreamlike carnival that smudges the line between fantasy, reality, imagination and observation. KYNKYNY’s latest exhibition, ‘A Goan Idyll’, features the works of nine brilliant and well-known artists from India’s smallest state, set on the Konkan coast. The breadth and span of the exhibition is vast,threading together themes as diverse asnature and mythology, along with the cultural, spiritual and personal. On view April21 – May 19, the artworks explore an intricate tapestry of ideas and motifs:some tread into rich emotional landscapes,the spaces where memories and history collide, or take off into fairytale worlds. While others portray a slice ofthe everyday, and offer commentaries on modern life.
Just like the kaleidoscopicshades and moods of Goa, the artworks too, brim with assorted colours, textures andflavours.The art is both universal and timeless,as well as particular and local.The collection of paintings, draw from thegeography, heritage and unique sociocultural landscape of Goa, and are steeped in the symbolism of its colonial past, andits ancient myths. But the exhibition travelsbeyond the confines of place and time,toexplore the larger terrain ofhuman thought, feeling and experience.
Mohan Naik’s art features a Goa,faraway from its tourist attractions and beaches. His luminous oils on canvas depict the simple and serene world of Goan villages. The artist, who lives in a secluded hamlet in South Goa, finds his muse in its pastoral life and pristine nature. Rustic scenes bathed inthesoft glow of light andwarm, incandescent colours, depict goatherds, farmers and fisherfolk, in everyday settings, going about their daily chores. The stylised figures, shown alongside animals and trees, exude a quiet radiance and a state of oneness with the natural world around them.
Coming from a fishing community, the sea is an intrinsic part of Rajesh Salgaonkar’s art, just as it is a powerful and abiding feature of Goa. An overarching physical presence, a metaphor and an ode to his roots – the seaoperates at multiple levels in Salgaonkar’s magic realist works. Showcasing, ethereal,fish-like women, intertwined with aquatic creatures and symbols, themixed media works submerge viewers intofantastical underwater and stream of consciousness realms where animals and nature meld with the human.
RajeshreeThakker’scollagesrepresent a fluid universe, inhabited by mythical characters, enigmatic female forms andcelestial figures. The Goa-based artist draws inspiration from a wide swathe of subjects, ranging from world literature and poetry to Buddhism and Aurobindo’s integral Yoga. The works are a puzzle that the viewer can piece together – like an abstract haiku. Multilayered and textured, and using an esoteric vocabulary of imagery and symbols, the acrylics on canvas are deeply contemplative pieces that express the spiritual longings of the self, and its dilemmas and relationships to the world.
Using a variety of media, from etchings to acrylics, Shripad Gurav fashions a quintessentially Goan world, peopled by acolourfulcast of typical Goan characters like Maria, John and Mrs Lobo, clothed in the vibrantly patterned Western-style clothing, associated with the region. Goa’s eclectic mixed heritage and lingering Portuguese influences come alive in the painter, draughtsman and printmaker’s delightfully wry,mixed media works. Transcending its immediate environment and cultural context,Gurav’snarrative artmakestongue-on-cheek statementsabout modern life and poses big philosophical questions about humanity at large.

Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal’s art works are gatewaysto fairytalerealms, where dreamlike figures, cloaked in vivid imagery and colours, hold centrestage.In her oils on canvas, archetypal gods, goddesses and monks,embody and represent the connections between mind, body and soul, and the fusingof nature and organic formswith the human.The works are decidedly mystical, as the Goa-based artist taps into the subconscious, mythical motifs and Goa’s ancient past, to create her profound and mysterious works.
Subodh Kerkarhas a powerful bond with Goa’s sea that he describes as both his “master and muse”. The sea is both an internal and external presence and the driving force behind the Goan painter, sculptor and installation artist’s out-of-the-box works, thatare often crafted from motleymaterials like sand, shells, boats, bones, and discarded plastic bottles. Kerkarworks with a range of media, from paintings and sculptures to installations on Goa’s seashores. His art captures the oceanic spirit and essence of Goa, and its natural beauty, while also highlighting political and social issues.
Siddharth Kerkarexperiments with a slew of media, includingpainting, video, installation and sculpture. The artworks are inspired by watching organic shapes, form in the sand, and observing terrains from airplanes. These images are then translated into abstract paintingsconsisting of geometric patterns, textures and shapes, in simple, minimalist settings. With a penchant for new materials, the artist, who divides his time between Goa and London, is known to incorporate sawdust and cement, among others, as part of his canvasses.
Nature, fantasy and colour, in all itsextraordinary hues, tints and tones, play a significant role in VeenitaChendvankar’sart. A self-confessed dreamer, the Goa-based artist’s acrylics on canvas aremagical floating worlds – a free associative collage of her fantasies, memories, sense-impressions and the outpourings of her inner world. The art is purely instinctive and intuitive, needing no intellectual interpretation and analysis. Folk art forms like Madhubaniand Warli, heavily influence Chenvankar’sworks. Shegives these indigenous aesthetics a stylizedtwist to suit her contemporary sensibilities.

For Yolanda Sousa Kammermeier, the canvas is her intimate confidante on which she feels free to pour out innermost feelings, pain, anger and joy. For the artist and former football player, art is a tool of catharsis, and a platform to express herself, make hard-hitting statements, and feel seen and heard. Charged with emotional intensity, the magnetic artworks often draw awareness towards contemporary issues, like the loss of a once-peaceful Goa, or the rampant substance abuse prevalent among Goan youngsters. Influenced by Picasso, D’sousa is known for her signature style of creating a ceramic-like, glossy effect in her paintings.


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