Dhrubajyoti Baral is a Bangalore- based artist whose radiant and soulful paintings are a fusion of indigenous traditions and contemporary sensibilities. Reflecting a playful imagination, his primarily figurative works range from dreamy visions of young lovers and solitary women, to musicians and bards, often incorporating elements of nature. Dhrubajyoti works with tempera created out of natural pigments, throwing in ingredients such as shell powder and shola plant extracts which are abundantly found in Eastern India. He sources most of his ingredients from his native place of Krishnanagar in West Bengal. Baral’s canvases are meticulously textured and layered with paint to generate his trademark vibrant hues — lustrous reds, luminous yellows and dusky blues. He brings together varied influences – including the potters and idol-makers of Krishnanagar, the Patua art of Bengal, tribal lore, Hindu mythology and Gustav Klimt – to create free-floating visual narratives that are rooted nowhere, yet elicit a sense of familiarity.