Sold outoil on canvas


Dimensions 42 × 42 inches

oil on canvas



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Roy K John is a Kerala-based artist, whose canvases blend traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility. While his works also feature a range of ordinary scenes from everyday life, he is primarily known for his reinterpretations of religious subjects. A trained mural artist, he takes inspiration from traditional Hindu iconography and refigures deities through a personal lens, creating innovative expressions of these familiar subjects. He is also heavily inspired by nature, celebrating the vivacity and diversity of the natural world through the many multi-hued flowers, fertile trees, serene lotus ponds, as well as animals and birds ranging from langurs to kingfishers, that feature in his paintings.

Contrast forms an important element of John’s works – light and shadow are effectively utilised to build atmosphere and guide viewers’ eyes; and soft and dark colours are juxtaposed to masterful effect, with a pale palette creating mellow backgrounds upon which vibrant colours stand out. Showing great attention to detail throughout, from his fine lines to his variant decorative patterns, his paintings move beyond ideas of realism and ritual, allowing viewers a glimpse into the unique individualised insights that shape his work.