Shivani Dugar

Shivani Dugar’s large abstract canvases interpret a plethora of textures and moods
found in nature. Through intense hues and multiple layers of texture and light, a variety of conditions and atmospheres are evoked: an eager anticipation, a fervent sense of hope, the nostalgia of a memorable past and the excitement of adventure. Her joyous exploration of nature probes the intersections of looking behind and looking ahead. Like the effect of light upon a landscape, her works illuminate and animate viewers’ perspectives.

Dugar describes her work as “a slow process of building a surface of multiple layers until it is charged with vibrant visual energy, symbolic of time, events, stories and emotions.” Coloured with wash-tones of yellows, blues and greens, fiercely streaked with brilliant reds and deep browns, her images are made by interlocking and layered marks – a technique she mastered through printmaking. In the true spirit of the Romantics, each of her canvases reflect her passion and appreciation for the sublimity of nature, creating unique transcendental experiences for her viewers.