Shankar Kendale

Anand Panchal is a critically acclaimed contemporary Indian artist. He studied at the JJ School of Art in Mumbai and displays great range, punctuating the figurative and symbolic elements with abstract spaces, making his paintings appear vast as well as intimate. Like the notes beguiling of a lilting, many-hued raga, his compositions – coloured in a radiant palette of brilliant reds and blues and ochres – are woven with a rich tapestry of mystical symbols and glyphs.
Anand Panchal’s incandescent acrylics-on-canvas depict glowing, lotus-eyed boys and girls in warm tones of red, blue and green. The children of priests or pandits, who grow up on the premises of temples, serve as artistic inspiration for the Latur-based artist. Laced with motifs like paper boats and flowers, the canvasses depict the innocence and spiritual purity if their world.