Sanjay Sable

Sanjay Sable is an artist based out of Nasik, Maharashtra who works in several mediums including acrylic, watercolour, oil, pencils, and pastels. Predominantly figurative, his works are recognised for their neat execution, delicate yet precise lines and interesting colour contrasts and schemes. His impressive control over the line is apparent in his production of graceful, languorous, elongated figures with slender limbs that has become characteristic of his work. These in combination with his flat planes of bright colours, has helped Sable create a unique expressive visual language that reflects contemporary sensibilities, even while it carries traces and echoes of older traditional and folk art forms. A proponent of the intangible being integral to any experience of art, he notes, “My art is an arising, and the space between who I am and my canvas is an emotive zone nurtured and fostered as if by a loving mother. I see my renderings as essentially selfless expressions that are beyond the mundane, beyond the tangible. My expression as an artist, propelled by my intimate and evocative engagement with my feelings, is as natural as the unconditional love that a woman embodies.”