Sachin Sagare

Sachin Sagare paints the stories of India. His work is an effort to recreate the narratives he grew up with--the tales of characters that populate the cultural consciousness, and carry with them the wealth of Indian traditions. Still, Sagare’s depiction of these characters borrows from soft contours and intricate patterns of indigenous art forms--but he grades his colours with a distinctly modern gaze. Each painting tells a story, a character poised in action, often one of prayer or devotion. Sagare’s focus is the character behind the action--and in so doing, he invites us to consider the mythologies that we share that allow us to identify with his subjects. His paintings are purposefully ambiguous, offering minute details that surface only to a lingering gaze, and so he allows audiences to share in the experience of creating a visual narrative. Sagare has showcased his work across India as well as in Singapore and Dubai, and is a recipient of the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation award.