Raghava KK

Raghava KK is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersections of art, science, technology, education and entrepreneurship. A National Geographic Explorer and a multiple-time TED speaker, he has also conducted talks and workshops for visionaries such as Tom Hanks, Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey, to think about the role of creativity in the future. Aside from working with traditional forms, including painting, installation and performance, his art practice involves inventing and employing media to express post-human contemporary realities. In keeping with this, he co-founded 64/1, along with his brother Dr. Karthik Kalyanaraman. A research collective focused on art for the post human age, their debut curatorial project, Gradient Descent, was recognized as the first AI Art exhibition in India.

Raghava KK’s projects often work towards disturbing the limits of the social and the perceptual self through the friction between found digital elements. Apart from
exemplifying ideas of distributed authorship and authenticity, his work can also be seen as re-evaluating our notions of transcendence and sublimity. Through his unique marrying of art and science, Raghava KK pushes the boundaries of both, compelling viewers to expand and challenge their socially and psychologically settled selves and perceptions. Artistic creativity is a deeply decentred enterprise shared with the users of the artwork for him, as is evident in his numerous collaborations with other artists, technologists, corporations, educationists, scientists and academics.