Duhita Samaiyar

DuhitaSamaiyar’s artistic practice is deeply inspired by the rich biodiversity of her native Coorg. Samaiyar holds a degree from New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, and has enjoyed a prolific career as a designer as she has moved between Dubai, Cairo and London. While in Cairo, she engaged women from local communities to create a line of hand-crafted home linen, inspired by the traditions of Egypt. In June 2018, she graduated from the Florence Academy of Art, where she delved into classical 19th century European realism. Samaiyar is now channelling her versatile skill set to create a contemporary narrative that derives from the richness of tradition. She is especially intrigued by the link between the human experience and the natural world, and believes that beauty lies deeply embedded in instinct. Through her art, she seeks to preserve and nurture fragments of human emotion that are so universal, yet so transient that they’re more often than not forgotten.