Bharti Prajapati

Bharti Prajapati’s work is a reimagining of Indian folk art, in which the characters are both fantastical and deeply familiar. Inspired by the five elements, and curious about how they interact so seamlessly in nature and within the human body, Prajapati paints with forms and colours that are innately elemental. Her colours are borrowed from the natural world--reds, ochres, earth tones and the sudden splash of indigo are expertly blended together in vivid detail. Within each painting, Prajapati moves from the intricate to the abstract, seeming to capture her subjects in a heightened state of movement. She supplies her characters with emotion, but their world is a wash of patterns and shadows. In essence, Prajapati reimagines the collage of elements around us as a vivid tableau of light and life. Prajapati has been invited to showcase her work at numerous Indian and international exhibitions, and is a recipient of the Bharat Kala Ratna Award.