Bakula Nayak

Bakula Nayak’s enchanting pen and ink drawings and illustrations are jam-packed with funny, delightful and eccentric characters. At the heart of the artist’s work is her longing for romance and her love affair with all things vintage. Nayak noses out the magic stifled in the everyday and elevates the mundane into something bright, dreamy and unique through her art. Nayak resuscitates old diary lists, ISRO documents, Kannada newspaper cuttings from the 1930s and other precious keepsakes, and breathes new life into them. While most of us would preserve them like museum artefacts, she boldly stitches them into the fabric of her art, making them a part of her present. Nayak also uses plain vintage paper as a canvas over which she makes drawings that are mostly autobiographical, and which catalogue her daily experiences of raising her children, rushing through the day, working with her partner and dreaming of time-off to indulge in a cup of tea.