Autumn is a season of impermanence. As the leaves turn and the summer air gives way to the winter chill, we’re reminded that change is the only constant. Yet, for some, Autumn may also serve as a cue to embrace the present—to give in to the course of evolution and sink into the moment. The exhibition will feature some familiar names and also introduce new artists in the repertoire:

Amit Bhar, Avijit Dutta, Basuki Dasgupta, Bhaskara Rao Botcha, Durgabai Vyam, G Subramanian, Ganapati Hegde, Jasu Rawal, JMS Mani, Manish Chavda, Praveen Kumar, Raghava KK, Ramesh Gorjala, Roy K John, Sachin Jaltare, Sahba Shere, Santhana Krishnan, Shilo Shiv Suleman, Shivani Dugar, Subhash Vyam, Suresh Kumar, Vivek Radhakrishnan, Nishant Dange & Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar