Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 inches

bronze, sculpture




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We ship our paintings worldwide. Each piece is original; it is carefully packed, either flat or rolled in a tube, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Please note that we do not ship sculptures outside India.



Ratan Saha has a passion for structural forms and ecology that is often reflected in his works, be it sculptures, paintings or prints. Space and dimension take on a central character in his works, with an emphasis on multi-faceted and unusual perspectives. He often works in the intersection of nature and culture, and is well-recognised for his artistic takes on the form of the bull, which he connects with social, economic, political and cultural realities and narratives. Like a musician who delves into the tonal varieties of the same raga in different pitches, Saha has been exploring the form of the bull for a long time in his works. Using a variety of materials, from bronze and coins to bangles and fiberglass, each of his intricately crafted sculptures reveal the unexpected characteristics of a chosen medium. As a master sculptor, Saha manipulates these materials and their meanings with wonderful dexterity to generate an organic, forceful and eloquent form that is animated with raw energy, not unlike the power of bulls, his chosen pet theme.