watercolor on paper


Dimensions 45 × 15 inches

watercolor on paper




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We ship our paintings worldwide. Each piece is original; it is carefully packed, either flat or rolled in a tube, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.



Rajkumar Sthabathy is a Pondicherry-based artist who works solely with watercolours, which he considers to be his language of expression, voice and signature. His paintings draw upon everyday subjects and scenes, attempting to capture the essence of daily life in India. Reflecting on this, he notes, “I feel immense love and respect when I see our ordinary humans for what they are.” From rickshaw wallahs and balloon sellers to families, fruit vendors and children, his watercolours bring a range of scenes to life. The impressive attention paid to detail from the wrinkles around eyes to the draping of clothes creates a truly life-like experience for the viewer. His particular use of colour and tone however, generates a unique emotional effect, evoking specific moods and building new layers of meaning into his work. Sthabathy describes his creative process as an extremely intuitive, and somewhat mystical, experience. He believes that his paintings are created either by images, that having been registered by his eye at some point, now appear fully formed or “magically materialize” in his mind, compelling him to reproduce them; or in a spontaneous, uncontrollable action, as described to him by an “astral nature who seems to sing the music of depiction.”