Sold outoil on canvas


Dimensions 48 × 48 inches

oil on canvas



We ship our paintings worldwide. Each piece is original; it is carefully packed, either flat or rolled in a tube, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Please note that we do not ship sculptures outside India.



Nitin Nangare depicts the life of India through a stylised portrayal of its people. His paintings of rural women are bathed in earth tones and bold, graceful forms. The women are characters in a dynamic tableau–featureless yet rich and animated. The simplicity of Nangare’s forms is enhanced by his masterful gradation of colour and shadow that allows viewers to visualise an entire world within each painting. In his urban landscapes, Nangare suffuses the canvas with buildings and houses that cluster together, seemingly alive despite the distinct lack of any human figures. With seemingly simple forms and colours, Nangare crafts scenes that convey a full, engaging narrative. Nangare has shown his work in numerous solo and group shows both in India and abroad, and is a recipient of the Bombay Art Society Award as well as The Art Society of India award.